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Financing Instruments & Financing Providers

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Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development

Reducing youth unemployment

UGX 2 Billion
  • Youth between 18-30 years of age
  • All applicants must be bonafide residents of their area
  • Beneficiaries are un-employed, under-employed or poor
  • Beneficiaries must be Ugandan Nationals
  • Certificate of registration from Community Development Officer.
  • Proof of existence for at least a year (books of accounts records)
NC Bank

To provide various business entities with an opportunity to grow

NCBA Asset Financing provides tailor-made asset finance solutions. Get approval for your loan in no time, with simple documentation that means no hidden costs. On top of that, you have convenient banking with a personal Relationship Manager and favourable payment terms.
We offer loans for the below products:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • PSV Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Trucks and pick-ups
  • Tractors and related implements
  • School buses
  • Office equipment
  • Contractor equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical and Laboratory equipment

The business should be registered

Numida Technologies

Business financing

UGX 225,806,452
  • We support semiformal micro and small businesses with digital working capital loans of $100-$5000 disbursed via mobile money.
  • Entrepreneurs can access credit in as little as 2 hours from the comfort of their business. No paper work, no collateral, no lengthy wait times.
  • Our proprietary underwriting process enables us to verify businesses remotely and grow loan limits appropriately ensuring that Numida and our clients succeed.
  • A registered business
  • Registered mobile money number,
  • Numida mobile app
  • National ID
  • Trading license
Opportunity Bank

To finance businesses with working capital for expansion and growth

UGX 42 Billion

Boda Boda loans

  • This is a loan product for motorcycle riders who want to aquire and or expand on their business.
  • 3.3% Set up fees of loan amount
  • Stamp Duty is UGX15,000 of loans above 3M
  • Calculation of interest; Reducing Balance
  • Business should be operational for at least 12 months
  • Possession of a Certificate of Incorporation
  • Initial Deposit of UGX 500,000
  • Open an account with OBUL
  • Must have a Rider's permit
  • CRB Search fee of UGX15,000
  • Application fees of UGX20,000
  • Operate from a recognized stage
  • Recommendation letter from your area of residence
  • Recommendation letter from your association
  • Three guarantors(1 from family, 1 from association,1 from your stage)
  • Financial Card
Bank of Baroda Uganda

For working capital requirements

UGX 322,580,645

• All persons engaged in trade of any commodity / goods
• Individuals or firms shouldn't be prohibited by law nor opposed to public interest.

• Company registration form
• Partnership deed (incase of any)

Bank of Baroda Uganda

Finance for working capital in Business

UGX 322,580,645

• should have satisfactory operative Current account
• should be profit making for last two (2) consecutive financial years

• Company registration form
• Partnership deed (incase of any)

Orient Bank Limited

Financing land acquisition to Business people and SMEs 

  • No security required
  • Atleast12 months bank statetement for sole proprietors
  • Financial Card
  • Complete Loan Application
  • Sales Agreement
DFID (Department For International Development)

Financial inclusion for marginalized groups

  • Innovative projects aimed at strengthening financial inclusion among marginalized groups
Favourite The Northern Uganda Entrepreneurship Project (Nuyep)
DFID (Department For International Development)

improving the livelihoods of youth in Northern Uganda

Small business grants and loans schemes through the British High Commission in Kampala


Working capital, real estate construction or acquisition and capital expenditure financing

Business must be registered or operating in the countries where Ecobank operates

  • Hold a bank account in Ecobank,
  • Business registration documents
Equity Bank Uganda Limited

Ensuring that customers are able to set up serious development projects

• Must be an existing legal business with an operative bank account
• Collateral/ security

  • Financial information

The fund provides financing to farmer producer cooperatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America

UGX 226 Billion
  • Active in the Food & Agriculture sector
  • Track record in sales of agricultural products and able to demonstrate long term (export) trading relationships
  • Financing requirement: working capital or income-generating assets.
  • Profitable results (over the last three years), with future
    growth prospects
  • Financially sound and able to produce audited financial statements
  • Audited financial statements
  • Financial forecasts
  • Business registration documents
FINCA Uganda Limited

To facilitate the performance and growth of small and medium enterprises

UGX 10 Billion
  • Possession of a trading licence
  • Credible guarantor
  • Trading License
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • CRB registration
UGAFODE Microfinance Limited

To enable business firms to expand and grow

UGX 4 Billion
  • Flexible Repayment period 3-36 months
  • Interest charged on reducing balance.
  • Up to UGX 120 million
  • Flexible collateral requirements
  • An active Savings account
  • Business must be legal
  • Trading licenses
  • Financial Card
  • Loan processing fees
  • At least 12 months experience in the business to be funded
  • Acceptable collateral
Uganda Development Bank

Equity investment is a mode of business financing where UDB provides capital or invests in a project in return for shareholding in the project on given terms. The project must fall within the Bank’s priority sectors.

Equity investment is a mode of business financing where UDB provides capital or invests in a project in return for shareholding in the project on given terms. The project must fall within the Bank’s priority sectors.

  • Applicants must be incorporated entities
  • The project must have an equity contribution of 60% of the total project cost if it is a start-up and 40% if it is a going concern
  • Adequate collateral is required, preferably landed property

Increasing productivity of small holder farmers

UGX 339 Billion
  • Social enterprises that had collected solid evidence on the effectiveness of their approach,
  • reached a certain scale (typically 3-10 MUSD in annual expenditures),
  • built high-quality systems for financial management and impact monitoring,
  • attracted highly skilled managers and built a track-record of good cooperation with all relevant stakeholders
Favourite Tailor-made capital and venture assistance
Inclusive Impact Investments B.V

Empowering Entrepreneurs

UGX 113 Billion
  • Compliance with our ESG criteria
  • Strong track record and solid customer base
  • Max. turnover €10 Million
  • Min. turnover €300k (Uganda €100k)
  • Break-even situation (at least operational profit)
  • Solvency: min. of 20% after investment
  • Own contribution: min. 20% (ration 1€ to 4€)
  • At least 2 years (audited) financial statements
Accumen Fund

Scaling ventures

UGX 339 Billion
  • Ventures must focus on the acument pillars:
  • Focus on the poor, game changing innovations that have potential to scale to millions of low-income customers, true effect on customers' quality of life over time.

Business plan.

financial plan.

marketing plan.

The company must be legally registered and have audited financial statements.

All legal requirements and documents must be in place.

KCB Bank

Business financing

UGX 3 Billion

Business must be registered or operating in the countries where KCB bank operates

  • A completed loan application form
  • A business proposal on the proposed project
  • 6 months bank statement
Africa Agriculture Development Company

To stimulate the growth of Small and Medium Agri-businesses (SMAs)

UGX 1,129 Billion
  • Proven business model (and full business plan and financial operating history for larger investments)
  • Strong management team
  • Potential for long-term growth
  • Potential positive impact on people, economies and the environment
  • Full business plan and financial operating history for larger investments
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