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The Financing Gateway lists sources of financing, business support organizations and advisers so that you can quickly filter, select and link to financing options and business development services that match your needs Soma zaidi

Learn to navigate the Financing Gateway

Learn how the Financial Gateway Platform will help you search through and link to financing and business development services providers using filters and how to set up your business profile to quickly get customised matches to your needs.

What you can do

  1. Short-list and compare financing options tailored for your business needs and save a list of “favourites”
  2. View and compare Business development services with experience in your sector and operations in your area
  3. Click through to a provider for more information and application details
  4. Access a broad range of resources and tools including the ITC SME Trade Academy
  5. Subscribe for News, Events and Notification of new financing options or development services
  6. Register as a MSME financing or business development service. Upload, or make changes to your services

Accelerate Your Growth

Explore our rich database of Business Development Services and Business Support Organisations. Find a match for the needs of your business in your area. Our database includes: Financial Management Counsellors, Accelerators, Accounting services, Advisers, Business and marketing strategy coaches, Incubators, Legal support, Mentors and MSME tax advisers, Sustainable development and trade promotion institutions to unlock the potential to grow a sustainable business

Financing Instruments

The Financing Gateway provides you with a free listing of financing instruments available for MSMEs. You can filter the instruments that match your needs and click through to a provider’s Internet pages or agent to find out more and apply.

What's here

5 East African Countries
116 Sources of financing and business development services

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The MSME Financing Gateway is brought to you with the support of:-

The International Trade Centre (https://intracen.org ) and Farwell Innovations, Nairobi (https://farwell-consultants.com ) developed the MSME Financing Gateway in response to demand from 1,000s of MSMEs, financing and business development support providers surveyed in 2020. The platform was developed, tested and launched with the financial support of the European Union-funded East African Community Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP).

The East African Community EAC - Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP) funded by the European Union (EU) has provided the financial support to develop, launch, test and cover the initial Internet-hosting costs of this platform. For more information on this project please go to: https://www.eacmarkup.org/

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PFSU) https://www.psfuganda.org/ hosts the MSME Financing Gateway platform in Uganda in support of improving Ugandan MSMEs access to affordable financing.

We thank the many individuals, organisations and enterprises across the region who have provided inputs to the design and development of the platform.

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