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About MSME Financing Gateway

Bridging the gap between MSMEs, financing and business development service providers using a smart internet application to improve information transparency.

Welcome to the MSME Financing Gateway

The International Trade Centre and Farwell Innovations, Nairobi developed this facility in response to overwhelming demand from thousands of MSMEs, financing and services providers surveyed in 2019 and 2020. The platform was developed with the financial support of the European Union-funded East African Community Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP) implemented by the ITC. This support has enabled us to programme, launch, test and cover the initial internet – hosting costs of this platform.

This is the first release of the platform. The design is a result of several virtual Focus Group reviews in East African and contributions from numerous sources. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the organisations that have agreed to host the Gateway’s first release on behalf of the MSME business communities across East Africa.

We will work with the host organisations to continuously improve the usability, functionality and completeness of the information on the platform. We welcome suggestions about how to make it better. Please send any comments or ideas you have to me at: putting the words “Financing Gateway” in the header of your message. On behalf of all of our collaborators, I hope you enjoy using the Financing Gateway.

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