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Welcome to the MSME Financing Gateway.

When you click on “Create account” you will be presented with a one-time security code entry form. Type into this form the short code that you receive on your mobile phone or e-mail address.

Entering the code opens a form where you can tell us about your profile, your organization or enterprise. You may skip this form after completing the top two lines if you are a one-time private user

Information on your profile will be used to send to you News, Events and Resources updates that match your profile. The information provided will also help ITC development projects, financing and business development support providers to customise their activities to better suit your needs


The Financing Gateway uses a one-time password system to validate your identity and improve the security of information that you upload to this platform. This works by sending a short code to the mobile phone number that you enter on this form

When you receive the code you will have 15 minutes to enter it into the log-in template to gain access.

If you experience any problems with this facility please use the "Contact us" form to reach the Platform Administrator.”

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