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Financing Instruments & Financing Providers

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Facility Name Sort Provider Purpose Max Sort Business Eligibility Minimum Documentation Required Collection / Payback (months) Sort
MTN Uganda

Instant mobile loans

UGX 32,258,065

Personal entrepreneur mobile loans

The person should be a registered MTN mobile user who has been active for at least 6 months.

Airtel Uganda

Instant mobile loans

UGX 32,258,065
  • Money transfer for micro businesses
  • The person should be a registered Airtel mobile user who has been active for at least 6 months.
Brac Uganda Limited

To finance women in business

UGX 161,290,323
  • Microfinance, particularly for agriculture
  • Must be a women's group living and working in the same community
  • Should have two guarantors
  • Financial Card
  • Proof of Ownership of collateral
Opportunity Bank

This is a loan product for agricultural products.

UGX 161,290,323

Loan Purpose:

  • For financing of agricultural inputs, production, processing, marketing and distribution

One valid ID photo

Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited

Financing short term and long term obligations

UGX 193,548,387
  • Hold a current or savings bank account
  • Account managed responsibly
  • 5,000,000 as Minimum net worth of the firm
  • Account statements
  • Annual bank statement 
Numida Technologies

Business financing

UGX 225,806,452
  • We support semiformal micro and small businesses with digital working capital loans of $100-$5000 disbursed via mobile money.
  • Entrepreneurs can access credit in as little as 2 hours from the comfort of their business. No paper work, no collateral, no lengthy wait times.
  • Our proprietary underwriting process enables us to verify businesses remotely and grow loan limits appropriately ensuring that Numida and our clients succeed.
  • A registered business
  • Registered mobile money number,
  • Numida mobile app
  • National ID
  • Trading license
Bank of Baroda Uganda

For working capital requirements

UGX 322,580,645

• All persons engaged in trade of any commodity / goods
• Individuals or firms shouldn't be prohibited by law nor opposed to public interest.

• Company registration form
• Partnership deed (incase of any)

Bank of Baroda Uganda

Finance for working capital in Business

UGX 322,580,645

• should have satisfactory operative Current account
• should be profit making for last two (2) consecutive financial years

• Company registration form
• Partnership deed (incase of any)

Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited

land purchases, survey and registration

UGX 967,741,935

• Hold a current or savings bank account.
• Good credit record for applicants.

• Completed loan aplication form
• Financial card

Uganda Finance Trust Limited

Women in Business loan

UGX 967,741,935
  • The Women’s Business loan is for women engaged in micro, small and medium businesses who wish to borrow as individuals for long and short term Investments such as adding capital into business, purchase of shares, import and export business.
  • Enables women to increase their working capital
  • Enables women increase their income
  • Loan is payable in manageable installments
  • Up to 5 years loan period
  • Borrower must be a woman
  • Must have and FTB account
  • Must be 18 years of age & above
  • Must have a legal business that has been in existence for at least 6 months
  • Registration to CRB is mandatory
  • Sufficient collateral for the loan
  • Guarantor
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