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Financing Instruments & Financing Providers

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Facility Name Sort Provider Purpose Max Sort Business Eligibility Minimum Documentation Required Collection / Payback (months) Sort
Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited

land purchases, survey and registration

UGX 967,741,935

• Hold a current or savings bank account.
• Good credit record for applicants.

• Completed loan aplication form
• Financial card

Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited

Finance working capital and acquisition of business assets

UGX 258 Billion

• Authority to borrow granted by relevant Ministry in case of financing
• Hold a Current or Savings account with the Bank
• Projected cash flow statement

• Projected cash flow statement
• Valid license for the business being undertaken.
• Memorandum and Articles of Association or Partnership deed


to promote Agribusiness financing to SMEs

UGX 16 Billion
  • SMEs dealing in agribusiness only and can be accessed through ABI Implementing partners who are Financial Institutions.
  • Legally registered agribusinesses
  • More than 3 years in existence with audited financial reports
  • Innovation and level of contribution to the Project Budget in cash
  • Applicant should be fully tax and NSSF compliant
Favourite Youth Livelihood Fund
Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development

Reducing youth unemployment

UGX 2 Billion
  • Youth between 18-30 years of age
  • All applicants must be bonafide residents of their area
  • Beneficiaries are un-employed, under-employed or poor
  • Beneficiaries must be Ugandan Nationals
  • Certificate of registration from Community Development Officer.
  • Proof of existence for at least a year (books of accounts records)
Pearl Capital Partners

Mobilizing investments for the agro industrialization of Uganda

UGX 265 Billion
  • Track record: minimum one year audited financial records and positive reputation with banks, suppliers and customers
  • Excellent management team with good entrepreneurial quality
  • Well-researched and realistic marketing plan
  • Growth trend shown in historical and forecast demand volume
  • Competitive advantage: regionally competitive cost of production, product quality matching or exceeding regional industry standards
  • Stable prices: increasing or stable forecast product prices
  • A brief description of the business, including its organization structure and ownership
  • Details of products, markets and distribution channels, including A business plan going forward that clearly sets out the company’s growth/expansion plans, key assumptions, major risks and financial forecast for at least five years.
  • Copies of audited financial statements for the preceding two years including a copy of the business’s most recent management accounts and a description of the current financial position.
  • Details of the social impact of the business.
Yako Bank

To finance business expansion and acquisition of commercial property


  • Should possess a Certificate of incorporation
  • Should be involved in profit making business for at least two years
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of partnership deed
Yako Bank

To help small and medium enterprises nurture and grow their businesses

UGX 3 Billion

Small Business loans

  • Should possess a Certificate of incorporation
  • Should be involved in profit making business for at least two years
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of partnership deed
  • Memorandum and articles of association
Equity Bank Uganda Limited

Financing customers to purchase stock for trading purposes or offer services

• Must be an existing legal business with an operative bank account
• Collateral/security

• Application for the facility with a clear purpose
• Financial information

Uganda Finance Trust Limited

Women in Business loan

UGX 967,741,935
  • The Women’s Business loan is for women engaged in micro, small and medium businesses who wish to borrow as individuals for long and short term Investments such as adding capital into business, purchase of shares, import and export business.
  • Enables women to increase their working capital
  • Enables women increase their income
  • Loan is payable in manageable installments
  • Up to 5 years loan period
  • Borrower must be a woman
  • Must have and FTB account
  • Must be 18 years of age & above
  • Must have a legal business that has been in existence for at least 6 months
  • Registration to CRB is mandatory
  • Sufficient collateral for the loan
  • Guarantor
Uganda Finance Trust Limited

To enable business owners meet their working capital requirements as they pay back in managable instllments

  • Trust Business loan
  • The Trust Business Loan enables you to meet your working capital requirements as you pay back in manageable installments.
  • Increase your working capital
  • Loan size varies with your business requirement and collateral
  • Payable in manageable installments
  • Flexible loan period
  • Borrower must be 18 years of age and above
  • Operating a legal and running business
  • A saving account at Finance Trust Bank
  • Loan guarantee savings required where necessary
  • Sufficient collateral is required for the loan (e.g. land titles, chattels, motor vehicle logbook etc.)
  • 2 reputable guarantors
  • Legal business that has been in existence for at least 6 months
  • Commercial trading license

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